Monday, 27 May 2013

Lichtenstein . Retrospective

Roy Lichtenstein has always been one of my favourite Artists. There is something about the basic techniques and colours he uses that captures me and makes me wonder if I could also have painted the same (probably not!). This retrospective, showcased at the Tate Modern Museum in London until May 27th, is the first comprehensive account of his artworks since his death in 1997.

[A Retrospective Poster by Tate Modern London]

I believe I was introduced to his artwork by my father at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid with his Women In Bath 1963. Despite being very little, I do remember being amazed by the perfection of his work. To be honest, at the time I didn't really believe he had done it, how could someone paint such perfect dots, right? Nonetheless, I was reluctant to bring a piece of perfection home, so I managed to engage my poor father into buying me the Women In Bath large poster. You could definitely say this marked the beginning of my relationship with Roy!

[Hopeless, Roy Lichtenstein 1963]

Considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Roy Lichtenstein is best know for never taking real objects as inspiration. His artworks are always inspired by two dimensional images as comic strips; advertising and mass culture imagery. This exhibition brings together some of his iconic works as Look Mickey 1961 and Whaam! 1963. However, as a Lichtenstein major fan I have to say that not showcasing Women in Bath 1963, Girl with Ball 1961 and Grrrrrrrrrrr!! 1965 made me a little bit sad, since this are my favoutite ones. But can you imagine going to Louvre and not being able to see Mona Lisa? That is probably the reason why!

[Lichtenstein, A Retrospective Exhibition at Tate Modern]

How to make the best of your visit?

  • Book a ticket during the week, on the weekend museums tend to be packed here in London;
  • Don't forget to rent an audio guide player, you will enjoy the paintings even more, and you will be able to listen to Roy Lichtenstein talking about his artworks;
  • Save some time for the end of the exhibition, you will probably be rushing through the paintings by this time, but room 13 was one of my favourites. This room is called Chinese Landscapes and "it suggests new directions in a carrer that remained dynamic until the end";

[Landscape with Philosopher, Roy Lichtenstein 1996]

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